"I know of no one in the world who does a better job of training than Dru Scott."

...Peter F. Drucker


 Dru Scott Decker

Known for Practical Solutions to Persistent Problems

Dru Scott is also an internationally known author and psychologist. Over two million people around the globe have read Dru Scott books in French, Portuguese, and Spanish. They have watched her training videos in ten different languages. Thousands have heard her as she has spoken at meetings in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa.

Her track record for helping people find Practical Solutions for Persistent Problems includes consulting, training, and speaking for range of organizations including: E.I. DuPont, Cisco Systems, IBM, Apple, Oracle, YPO, International Franchise Association, and the University of California.


  • Customer Satisfaction: The Other Half of Your Job. Crisp Publishing. This easy-to-use book is based on her work and research with E.I.duPont in the US and Europe.
  • Stress That Motivates; Crisp Publishing; One company has made this practical book available to it's 310,000 employees.
  • Finding More Time In Your Life: With Wisdom from the Bible and Tools That Fit Your Personality; Harvest House Publishers
  • How to Put More Time in Your Life. Simon and Schuster. Book-of-the-Month Featured Alternate.


Personal Background:
Dru Scott was an author and successful single woman when she married a widower with three teenage children and moved from a quiet condominium in San Francisco to a busy house in the suburbs. When marriage and three teenage step-children did not deliver her dream of romance and happiness, one night she sought out the friend who had helped her investigate the Bible and trust Jesus and pleaded, "Is there any Biblical way out of this marriage?" Her life made a different turn when her friend took her by the hand, looked her in the eyes and told her, "No. There is no Biblical way out of your marriage. You are about to become a woman of prayer." Her friend's unexpected response opened the door to the healing power of prayer, the joy of faith, and the surprise of Finding More Time.

  • The training film, Do it Now, was produced by the Cally Curtis Company in Hollywood. Her other training videos include the BNA Communications release: Customer Service is Everybody's Business.

  • How to Put More Life in Your Time, audio book, Nightingale-Conant publishers.

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