What's the Big Idea?
When you want to improve it,
  measure it.
When you want people to improve it,
  help them measure it.
When you want people to add more
  value to their customers,
  help them put up Scoreboards for Success.
  what you measure is what you get!
 The right scoreboards turn the right metrics into focused teamwork
  • Work best when they show both performance of the work group and perception of the customers of the work group.
  • Measure a few vital signs.
  • Show data collected by people in the group, since people don't argue with their own data.
  • Avoid columns of figures and use simple line graphs or charts with the desired results going up.
  • Are visible to the entire group. Physically posted works. Electronic also works.
 The right scoreboards can improve any situation!

See how a simple scoreboard boosted On-Time deliveries
from 20% to 90%. Click here.


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