One company increased truck driver team work and improved on-time deliveries from 20% to 90%.

A building supply company learned from it's customers that their biggest frustration was not knowing exactly when the one-third to one-half a-truck-full of the materials they had ordered would be unloaded at their construction site. For years, customers complained. Managers exhorted. Yet on-time deliveries sagged to 20%.

The company struggled because each truck left the plant with two or three deliveries. With the hundreds of miles traveled, there were delays. Bridges could be out. Roads could be closed. Vehicles could break down. And truck drivers could be distracted and uninterested in company schedules. All this added up to some deliveries being unloaded a day or even two days late.


Finally, managers discovered two scoreboards that made the difference. They introduced the scoreboards and then put them up on a white board at the loading dock. Within a year, on-time deliveries soared from 20% to 90%. Teamsters started talking to other drivers about road conditions. Some drivers even came in on a day off to share information about roads with drivers just starting their delivery routes.

The president of the company related that he is thankful each day for the impact these two informal scoreboards add:

_____ Days since the last late delivery
_____ Shipments since the last late delivery

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